How does it work?

Each supply/borrow currency pair is managed in a single vault, for example a wstETH-USDC vault, where a user can supply wstETH and borrow USDC. Vaults facilitate a few key functions, including:

  • Liquidations: enabling user funds to be liquidated when the users position becomes unhealthy

  • Lender Strategies: deploying user assets into the lenders where the best rates can be achieved

  • Farm Strategies: deploying previously dormant capital (active capital) to earn interest on the users behalf

  • Rebalancing: ensuring the vault position is always healthy by borrowing and repaying lenders when needed

  • Harvesting: recognising earnings from the Farm Optimisations and enabling distribution to users

  • Committing: updating user balances to recognise their latest position, including earnings from the farm strategy

  • Tokenization: tokenizing user supply and debt positions

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