What are the advantages of using Altitude?

1. Capital Efficiency

Altitude combines the safety of over-collateralized loans with the capital efficiency of active loan management. By automating the process, Altitude optimizes the utilization of capital, allowing borrowers to make the most of their assets without compromising safety.

2. Active Loan Management

Altitude actively manages loans in real-time, taking into account fluctuations in collateral value and adjusting borrowing and repayment activities accordingly. This proactive approach ensures that borrowers maintain a target Loan-to-Value (LTV) ratio, mitigating the risk of liquidation.

3. Yield Generation

Altitude deploys dormant capital from loans into platforms like Convex Finance to generate yield. The earned yield can be claimed or used to reduce the loan balance, effectively making the loan partially self-repaying. By actively managing borrowed funds, Altitude maximizes yield generation opportunities.

4. Lowest Borrowing Rates

Altitude constantly monitors the market for lower interest rates. It refinances loans from one liquidity pool to another, ensuring borrowers benefit from the most advantageous borrowing rates available at any given time. This feature helps borrowers minimize borrowing costs and optimize their loan terms.

5. Gas Efficiency and Vault Management

Altitude manages all loans within a vault, leading to significant gas efficiencies. This streamlined approach allows for the management of multiple loans and collateral types, enhancing operational efficiency and reducing costs.

6. Diverse Lending Pool Integration

Altitude works with multiple lending pools and platforms to optimize loan terms and yield generation. By leveraging a range of lending pools and platforms, Altitude provides borrowers with access to various options, increasing flexibility and potential returns.

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